Where to Find Asheville Pilates Classes
Where to Find Asheville Pilates Classes

Where to Find the Best Asheville Pilates Studio

When searching for the right Asheville Pilates Classes for you, it can be hard to decide what is the best option. Here are a few things to look for, and also my personal recommendations for the best teachers and studios in town.

Best location for Asheville Pilates Classes

My personal preference is to try to do everything as close to home as possible. If you're looking for classes in Downtown Asheville, you'll want to check out Clasique Acupuncture and Pilates Studio. There you'll find highly trained Classical Pilates instructors who have all trained with Dorothee Vande Walle in Seattle, Washington. Located on South Lexington Street, they're easy to get to and if you can't find parking on the street, there are nearby garages. Rise Pilates is also opening in the end of March on Biltmore Avenue. This studio is another great resource for folks looking for Classically trained instructors. Parking for Rise will mostly be at Aloft Hotel and is free for the first hour.

For North Asheville, you'll find Cisco Pilates and Pure Pilates. Pure is located on Charlotte Street, and the owner Penelope trained directly with Romana Kryzanowska, who studied with Joe Pilates. They probably offer more mat classes of any studio in Asheville, and there is ample free parking. Cisco Pilates's mat class location is a well-kept secret. Cisco boasts a spacious studio that was once a church and now has been converted into a beautiful open space with 40 foot vaulted ceilings tucked away on Forsythe Street in the 5 Points Neighborhood.  There is always free parking (a huge parking lot and street parking) and small classes allowing for a lot of personal attention.

Many public and private gyms also offer Asheville Pilates Classes, which can save you money if you're already a member. However, there's a good chance you'll have larger classes, less personal attention, and truthfully, the best trained teachers are going to be found at private studios. So while you're saving money, you're probably missing out on quality and trained professionals.

Free Asheville Pilates Classes and Affordable Pilates Classes in Asheville

Always search for great New Client Specials so you can check out a studio or teacher and see if it's the right fit for you. It is beneficial to try multiple teachers if you don't love the first teacher you come across, and also to try different studios.

Clasique offers mat classes between $9-$18 depending on the class and package you have

Pure offers mat classes between $11-$14 depending on your package

Rise offers mat classes between $10-$14 depending on your package

Cisco offers your first class for free, and then $6.50-$15 depending on your package

What level is right for you? Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Asheville Pilates Classes

Free Asheville Pilates Classes and Affordable Pilates Classes in Asheville
Free Asheville Pilates Classes and Affordable Pilates Classes in Asheville

All private studios recommend you take at least one private lesson before starting a group class. Private studios always offer great new client discounts to facilitate this. For $100, you can do two private lesson and two mat classes in two weeks at Cisco Pilates. For $195 you can do four private lessons.

Clasique, Pure, Rise, and Cisco all offer varying levels of classes, and your instructor can place you in the class they think is most appropriate for you. Generally, it is best to start in a beginner Asheville Pilates Class, unless you've had experience with Pilates in the past and your teacher gives you the okay. Some people like to be pushed, and if you're particularly strong and have no injuries, you might be placed in an intermediate class. Talk to your teacher to figure out what class is right for you. Be sure to inform your instructor of any injuries or surgeries, and also what your goals are. And remember, Pilates is supposed to be FUN. Working out is always better when you smile and laugh.