Alexis has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and applies this to providing helpful corrections and effective sequences. I have noticed a massive increase, not just in my core strength, but in total body power and stability.
— A.B., Asheville, NC

Cisco Pilates Asheville

Thank you for visiting and for supporting a woman-owned, local business in Asheville! Cisco Pilates is one of the only Classical Pilates studios in Asheville, North Carolina. Pilates has been changed over many years and combined with other forms of exercise and ab workouts, but Classical Pilates stays true to Joseph Pilates’s original sequences and intentions.

Cisco Pilates is a small, cozy studio located in a private residence just North of Downtown Asheville, North Carolina, in the Five Points Neighborhood. If you’re looking for an intimate, relaxing, and non-competitive environment with birds chirping outside the window, Cisco Pilates Asheville is the place for you! 

Private Pilates Lessons

Private Pilates lessons are the best way to start your Pilates practice because you'll get the one-on-one attention necessary when learning something new. Pilates is exercise. Just like learning a new instrument or language, it will take time for your body to acclimate to this new way of moving, and to learn how to use the equipment. Some people are sore after their first session and some are not. It all depends on your body. It is best to start with one to three private lessons per week in the beginning so that you can develop a strong foundation for the practice.

Gyms and large studios aren’t for everyone. Cisco Pilates Asheville specializes in private classes on the reformer and other equipment, as well as mat classes in another private residence a block away.

Pilates mat classes taught by Alexis Miller

Pilates mat classes taught by Alexis Miller

Pilates Group Mat Classes

We offer a variety of Pilates Asheville Mat Classes for you to choose from:


Get a Free Mat Class

Your first mat class is free. We offer a Beginner Pilates Mat Class on Mondays from 6:30pm to 7:25pm. You can also make plans to attend the Intermediate/Advanced Asheville Pilates Mat Class on Mondays from 5:30pm-6:25pm, with permission from your instructor. However, we recommend that everyone take at least one private lesson before attending mat class. 

The Best Pilates Equipment

We carry the best Pilates equipment from Gratz. Gratz produces the highest quality Pilates equipment available, including the reformer, wall unit, and Wunda chair. Gratz is the original company to produce Joe Pilates's equipment, based on his unique dimensions and designs that were created specifically for his Pilates exercises.

Call or text 828-407-0133 to set up your first Private Pilates Lesson

Call, text, or email us at 828-407-0133 to get started. We'd love to help you start a private Pilates practice that will produce greater levels of fitness, tone, and improve your overall health.  One of the best ways to get started is by trying out a few Pilates exercises on the equipment and mat. Depending on your needs, we'll develop an exercise routine designed especially for you. We recommend that you do Pilates with us 1-3 times/week. You can mix and match mat classes with private instruction as well.