We offer 5, 20, and 40 Day Ab Challenges

Do under 5 minutes a day of ab exercises...we teach you the Pilates 100 and ab series through videos that we will email to you every morning. Sign up below, and you'll get an email once a day with a beginner and an intermediate/advanced video to choose from, and some pro-tips. We offer challenges starting on a few specific dates per year, and automated challenges that start the day after you sign up so you can do it anytime.

Sign up below and the Ab Challenge you choose will start the day after you sign up.

I just wanted to thank you for your Pilates [ab challenge]...it’s quickly becoming my favorite part of my day and I look forward to seeing and hearing you! You’ve energized me to get my body back. Thank you!
— M.B., Boston, MA

If you want to see some of the example videos that you will get, visit our videos page.