Online Pilates classes

Do Pilates at need to leave your house and deal with traffic and parking!

Do Pilates at need to leave your house and deal with traffic and parking!

It's like I'm there with you, in your living room, cheering you on


Winter got you feeling unmotivated? Don't want to go out to your class, or can't because the roads are icy? We offer online Pilates classes via Zoom. That's right. Pilates private sessions in your home, on your time. All you need is your own mat, and a computer or tablet with a web cam. And you'll get a personalized, private lesson in your home. No more distractions or excuses...get your at-home customized workout done, with a little motivation from me.



Why online Pilates classes?


Some people don't want to leave their home to work out. Maybe it takes too much time between travel time and traffic to fit in a private lesson. Now in the comfort of your own home you can have the motivation of a private instructor! I know what it's like to try to work out at home. Maybe you get a text, you have to deal with the pets, kids, laundry, errands, etc. I do much better with someone telling me what to do, or going to a class. If I had someone holding me accountable for my time, who I pre-paid, I would definitely not miss it! And not having to go anywhere is even better. You can do Pilates in your Pajamas! Pajama-lates!


You get ME, watching you, giving you a workout designed specifically for you, rather than a general online workout where the teacher can't see you, or see that you're doing something wrong. We target the workout to meet your goals, and we can even give you a routine to do at home for homework, on your own, if you want, on the days you aren't seeing me.


As an instructor, I love the idea of being able to teach someone anywhere in the WORLD. This opens up so many possibilities for teachers and students to learn. And if you're a super Pilates addict, you can still do your Pilates when your on vacation or traveling. If you're going to miss your regularly scheduled session because of travel, we can do a great Pilates using the WALL class in your hotel room.


But what about hands-on corrections?


It's true that you won't feel my fist in your stomach, my foot on your ribs, or my hands squeeze your shoulders. But don't worry, my words and cues will help you expand, lengthen, and find your center just like I have my hands on you, and much more so than a pre-recorded video will.

Puppy and kitty helpers are always welcome. Online Pilates is fun and easy!

Puppy and kitty helpers are always welcome. Online Pilates is fun and easy!


How do I get started?


New clients can have their first online Pilates session for just $35. Contact us to schedule your first private lesson.


Here is what you need:

1. a good internet connection

2. A computer, tablet, or smart phone that has a web cam

3. Set up a Zoom account (it's similar but better than Skype)

4. A thick mat, or a yoga mat with a blanket, and additional props are recommended, but not required. We like magic circles, 1-2 pound arm weights, 10 foot yoga straps, a wall is great if you have a bare wall nearby

5. A water bottle

6. A small towel and a small pillow

7. Payment is via credit card online. Pre-payment required. See pricing page.

First time doing online Pilates with us? You get 50% off your first online Pilates class.

We're excited to motivate you and help you get your daily or weekly practice completed!