The Top Ten Reasons to Come to Cisco Pilates

The Top Ten Reasons to Come to Cisco Pilates
The Top Ten Reasons to Come to Cisco Pilates

Why Come to Cisco Pilates?

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should come to Cisco Pilates Asheville:

  1. A Comfortable Environment: Your private Pilates lesson will be in a private Pilates studio, where no other instructors or students are sweating or talking nearby. Having a private Pilates studio is a more comfortable environment for many clients.
  2. Private Instruction: Your instructor Alexis is a Certified Classical Pilates instructor who is also the owner of the studio, so she is working only for herself and for you.
  3. Close to Downtown: Cisco Pilates is conveniently located just a 5 minute drive from downtown Asheville, and there is free parking in the driveway or on the street.
  4. The Highest Quality Equipment: Cisco Pilates has the highest quality Pilates equipment made exclusively by Gratz ( Gratz is the original company to manufacture the Pilates Reformer and still the only company who follows Joe Pilates's original designs of the apparatus, the way it was intended to work. Few Pilates studios carry Gratz.
  5. Affordable Prices: We keep our prices affordable because our overhead costs are lower than the larger studios in town. We have the best New Client Specials that any studio offers.
  6. Ongoing Education: Alexis keeps up with her continuing education by attending workshops multiple times a year by Classical Instructors...all who were certified by Romana Kryzanowska, who studied with Joe Pilates.
  7. A Teacher Who is Also a Student: To be a good teacher, one must also be a student. Alexis takes private Pilates lessons twice a week by other Classically Certified Instructors, and studies with other Classical teachers online, in addition to her own at-home practice.
  8. Welcoming Amenities: Because Cisco Pilates is a private home studio, you will have the feeling of being welcomed into Alexis's home. You are always welcome to have water, tea, chocolate, to pet some nice cats, or to warm up on a cold day next to the wood stove. In the spring and summer you are welcome to strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, and other excess garden treats that you'll walk by on your way in and out.
  9. Convenient Mat Classes: Cisco Pilates also offers group mat classes a block away from the studio in the most beautiful and unique Pilates studio in Asheville. A room with 30 foot windows and cathedral ceilings that was once a small neighborhood church has a warm and cozy feeling with thermal heated floors in the winter and excellent air conditioning in the summer. Classes are small (usually 5-10 students) and personalized to the individuals attending. Small classes allow you to get more personal attention from the instructor. We also sample locally made organic chocolate by Santosha Chocolate ( at all of our Pilates mat classes.
  10. Free Training Videos On Our Site: We have free videos on our website for you to access anytime so that you can keep up your practice at home. We also give you homework if you want it. Additionally, we host a Free 40 Day Ab Challenge multiple times a year with videos and tips for you to share with your friends and family all over the world so that everyone, everywhere can do Pilates!
Why Come to Cisco Pilates
Why Come to Cisco Pilates

Your First Mat Class is Free!

Call to 828-407-0133 to book your first free Mat Class!You're first mat class is absolutely free. Joining a mat class is the perfect way to "test the waters" and see if Pilates is right for you. Pilates Mat classes are 55 minutes long. Classes range from 3-10 people, allowing for quality personal attention.

"I highly recommend Alexis’ classes to anyone wanting to tone, strengthen, learn more about their bodies, and have fun!!!" A.B., Asheville, NC